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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you are just tuning in, though, 20 miles ago, maybe now 23 miles ago, fox 10 from phoenix and surrounding areas is reporting that the shots were fired at police. again, it is believed this started as a carjacking. clearly, he is a suspect in a carjacking. what happened in the carjacking, obviously, that means someone is in the vehicle. this person takes over that vehicle. either the person who was in there was outside the vehicle or is inside the vehicle. we don't have any information to suggest the person is in there. if this vehicle was carjacked, a person is involved someplace and the person who was carjacked is car lots at the moment. trace, we don't have any reason do believe the person who was carjacked is still in the vehicle, do we?
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>>trace: we don't know that. we know there was a carjacking. this driver has fired shots at police officers. at least, he has fired at an undercover police officer. we do not know where the carjacking victim is. when the helicopter got closer it appeared the driver was alone. he is at speeds of more than 110 miles per hour. we are into a chase for better part of a an hour. they are well outside of phoenix now. the signal, the further the helicopter gets away from the main station, the signal could become more choppy. that is why it is a little bit more fuzzy than it was earlier. this is by all accounts a very dangerous guy. he is armed. he is willing to use the weapons. he in some capacity took somebody out or kept someone in that car and stole their car as he is headed now west on
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interstate 10. it is outside of phoenix and goes through arizona, through california, all the way to the beach. he has plenty of road ahead of him. heel go through several towns. most notably several towns that include the california border is 100 miles. the cars run pretty much forever. if you have a full tank of gas it can go on and on and on. the department of public safety in arizona will take the lead on this. our understanding was it was an unmarked car, an undercover police car that initially started this chase and the shots were fired at. that is the best indication we have right new of the police that are pursuing this guy. clearly he is dangerous. clearly, he is posing a risk to those who are also on the road. >>shepard: looking at these speeds, i understand that the other cars are going at the speed limit or above.
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this guy is flying past the rest of the traffic. i would not venture a guess but you can make your own guess. you have been passed by someone who is like a bat out of hell on your left, that is what this guy is like. it is dangerous just doing that. the question is, how serious are the crimes he is suspected of committing? that will go a long way toward the police deciding how long they will keep this up. i don't see ground units down there. it look like they are just following from the air. >>trace: it does. they are way back. we were told it was actually an unmarked car that was tolling him. we have seening in but the helicopter following him. clearly they want this guy. it is not one of the cases where they think they have checked him out and run the license plate. they are involved in where. if we backed up we could see they are pursuing this guy.
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the cops at station of watching on tv and relaying the information to the cops in the area. the speed in this rural area is 75 miles per hour so when you see this guy passing cars like they are standing still, it looks to me like he is in the high 90's and at points the helicopter pilot said well over 100 miles per hour. this guy is moving. >>shepard: you mentioned the undercover cop. this was a white pickup truck which we were led to believe is an undercover police officer following the car. it is possible that an officer in a white pickup truck, not a police issued vehicle could lay back just if safety sake. you go passing on the shoulder like that and passing someone on the right, any driver who doesn't see this coming, that could be real trouble. police air units are overhead. i understand there are multiple choppers or fixed wings or something overhead. the police are trailing, as well. this is per our station there, ksaz, fox 10 for the valley
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there. ksaz is reporting that the carjacking occurred. then the driver shot at police. then the chase began. the driver is now westbound on the 10 freeway. the police helicopter is involved. phoenix policy is to backup and follow. every jurisdiction has their own policy. the city of phoenix policy is to back off and follow. what will happen when they get further down the road is another matter. there are unconfirmed reports whether the driver fired at police but that is what ksaz is reporting, our station from the sky fox pilot. trace mentioned the signals. the signals are digital. they have to be really strong. you do not only get a partial signal anymore the way we used to. with digital it is locked in, which it now is, or you don't get it at all. it freezes. then it goes to black.
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it is possible we could lose this signal. it is my understanding our station in phoenix has multiple transmission towers so the chopper would be able to point toward another "receive" location so it is possible we can follow this with police. you have to hope, trace, this guy does not cause another driver who is not aware of what is going on to make a move that gets people hurt. >>trace: that is the concern when someone is armed and you go back to the transmission issue. there are a number of microwave antennas on different mountains around phoenix area. they can bounce from one to the other. they should be able to follow this guy for some time. there is nothing really blocking the path when they are not air. that is the wild card in the whole thing. how much danger does this guy pose to the other drivers? will he do something stupid? that is the fair. that is why when you have police chasing this guy, they turned it over, you mentioned the white truck which was an undercover
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vehicle. they will at some point item this over to the department of public safety. that is the state patrol that pursues this. we mentioned ten minutes ago this guy was 90 miles per hour or 100 miles from the california border but he is going at 100 miles per hour in the middle of nowhere. he could hit the california border before the end of "studio b" and then you have a brand new dynamic. you can see the guy on the motorcycle, we have no idea what he is but he is moving at a good pace. >>shepard: could that be law enforcement? >>trace: it doesn't look like it. you can see when they get to the bridges, those are water overpasses in arizona, he will have a lot of those. it does not indicate that it is a city. that is not an off-ramp or city but just to get you over the ravine. he is cruising west at a very high rate of speed, fully armed. we still do not know and are trying to find out if the victim who was carjacked is still in the car or not or if this guy is
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traveling alone. >>shepard: trace, our station has let us know they are on the edge of their range for microwave towers. it is possible we will lose this. it would be standard procedure for the department of public safety, the state cops, standard procedure to position a unit in front of the vehicle and come up with a way to slow this guy down or stop it. lots of ways to do that. they have done it with spike strips. we have seen them do it with roadblocks. you would have to get way in front of this guy and shut down all the westbound traffic. then you would put other people in danger from the cars. i'm sure they have multiple options. a roadblock is not a good option. getting spike strips out in a situation like this, trace, it seems like it would be difficult. if this is not a reason to be able stop like a toll plaza or an off-ramp, that would be very
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difficult to do. trace the saying is, you can never outrun a radio. the police down the line are aware of where this is occurring. you talk about spike strips with the other cars on the road, and they are driving at 75 miles per hour, the last thing they want to do is risking another blow out on another vehicle. they do not want to throw a spike strip when someone else, even the suspect, is going 75 miles per hour to 100 miles per hour. if you blow a front tire you run the risk of the guy you are chasing crashing out of control which could injure himself and other cars on the road. it is unlikely, until they can shut all the lanes behind him and go ahead, probably the spike strips will not work. they will follow him and get an idea, try to identify him, see if they can get the cell phone and see if they can get in contact with him and identify the owner of the car, find out
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who he is. i am sure they know that by now. then, they will try and contact him to find out if he was part of this, if he is still in the car. right new they is time to do some of the elimination of certain things. it really at this point in time has become one of those cases we have rarely seen where this is the open road and there is very little between this driver and santa monica beach. >>shepard: this guy is flying. he is flying. the chopper lost a shot on him there. look how fast he is going to go past the 18-wheeler. you get an elderly driver only half paying attention, most anything can happen they will have to do something. you wonder how dangerous this guy is, though, if reports from ksaz are accurate, this guy
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fires shots at police. at least, he is suspected doing that. here are more details. police are chasing this guy way west of phoenix now. he fired shots at officers at 43rd avenue and roosevelt. that is right in the city of phoenix. the suspect recently entered the westbound i-10 from 43rd avenue and made a u-turn, doing a lot of weird stuff in the city. when he headed west, the suspect has led police, now, west of phoenix for almost an hour and speeds have topped, according to the person in the chopper, 110 miles per hour. here is how this works: some of our stations put a photographer in the chopper. that photographer does play-by-play moves, telling you what is going on, what traffic is ahead. our station in miami, for instance, they do that. our phoenix station does not have a commentator on board the chopper. if they were coughing this -- covering this station from their
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station they would do the commentary from their studio in phoenix. that is why we cannot hear the chopper. there is someone up there and we hope maybe that person will talk along with us. at 110 miles per hour, speeds reaching that, in an hour you can get a long way, 90 or 95 or 100 miles per hour, depending how much he had to slow down. trace, the california bodier is- border is ahead. >>trace: it could be from 60 to 70 miles away. we talk about gas mileage because this is an important factor here, at this speed, you know, if you are going 100 miles per hour plus you cut your miles per gallon by 50 percent. you cut it in half. so the gas that, even if it is full, he is burning through fuel like he is blowing by the cars. >>shepard: especially in the
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"sport" setting. the man is in big trouble. they are following him west on the i-10 freeway. we will take a quick commercial break. the u.n. is taking on syria, as well. the politicians are on the road. it's a full day with a car chase. at e-trade. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. >>shepard: there was weirdness while you watched the commercial break. we were watching this happened. he slowed way down. the overpass trace was talking about, the ravines, when there is flash flooding because it rains so little they have to deal with the water when it comes in big spurts, he went over one of those and he slowed down. the cars started passing him. then he sped up again. he slowed down again. then he sped up. that is all excitement from this thing. it doesn't look like he is going as fast as he was. we have a little more information.
12:17 pm
he carjacked this dodge caliber at 43rd avenue and indian school. he has been driving west of phoenix for more than an hour and ten minutes. they believe he is armed. we don't have any information on the person who was allegedly carjacked. they are just going through the desert there. i will watch this to the left of the teleprompter. if anything of any interest at all happens, the producers say we can go back to this. if it were up to me we would stay with this. nothing is up to me. that is fine. the decision is fine. there is a lot of news going on. look at this, now, waving at him from the bus? i will keep an cry on -- eye on it. i need to tell you about the syrian regime killing their women and children. syria has moved some of their chemical weapons. that is the word from our defense secretary panetta. western intelligence officials say the syrian government has
12:18 pm
one of the world's largest supplies of chemical and biological weapons. syrian officials have threatened to use them in the event of a foreign attack. today the defense secretary said there is evidence the regime has shuffled their stockpiles. >> there has been some intelligence with regard to some of the sites that there has been some movement in order for the syrians to better secure the chemicals. while there has been some limited moment, again, the major sites still remain in place, still remain secure. >>shepard: you may recall president obama warned the syrian government not to move their chemical weapons. listen. >> we cannot have a situation where chemical or biological weapons are falling into the hands of the wrong people. we have been very clear to the assad regime and also to other
12:19 pm
players on the ground, that a red line for us is we see a budge chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >>shepard: a red line for us is if we see a bunch of chemical weapons being moved around or utilized. we understand they are being moved around. activists say this is unprecedented fighting today in syria's largest city after rebels launched an offensive against the troops. they said they were going to and today they did. all the while, world leaders meeting at the n in new york to try to figure out any way to stop the slaughter. jonathan hunt is at the united nations again today. jonathan, any chance of concrete action from the u.n. on this? >>jonathan: very little from the u.n. itself. on the sidelines of this week's united nations general assembly, there is a meeting going on right now here in new york city of the so-called "friends of syria" group. secretary of state, hillary
12:20 pm
clinton is at the meeting and she has announced today there will be an extra $45 million sent by the united states to aid the rebels, the so-called nonlethal aid including helping them organize and buying them communications equipment. as for the u.n. itself, this is pressure little action despite the words we have heard continually from almost every speaker in the john assembly podium this week. >> the regime of bashar al-assad must come to an end so the suffering of the syrian people can stop. >> this is a calamity. >> the future for syria is a future without assad. >>jonathan: that future can only be achieved with action from the u.n. that takes security council action as long as russia and china continue to resist that, and it will not happen. >>shepard: the matter of the president drawing a red line on
12:21 pm
the using or utilization of weapons, the chemical weapons. do we know if the scenes are moving them to protect them from others? do we have any idea? >>jonathan: it appears we don't have a great deal of idea. the defense secretary panetta, as you heard in your introduction, said they have moved some of them. they do not appear clear on the extent of the movement or where, indeed, those chemical weapons could be ending up. listen to defense secretary panetta. >> the movement of some of these materials and whether they have been exposed to possession by the opposition or others, that's something i don't have any firm information to confirm that has taken place. >>jonathan: he cannot confirm that the opposition has not got possession of these. that means we do not know, ship
12:22 pm
-- shepard, whether al qaeda has the weapons. it is said that al qaeda is operating in syria so clearly disturbing. >>shepard: clearly disturbing. >> freeway chase, the guy got off the freeway, he made a u-turn and he is on a dirt road. i kid you not. sadly, a break. for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away
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12:26 pm
now he is on some dirt road. the whole time you were watching commercials and weapon talking about the united nations he has been on a dirt road. now, often when they get off the freeway, the suspects, it is because they have an idea, like it is their neighborhood or an area they have been to believe and they know their way around. this guy is right spark dab in the middle of nothingness. he is coming up -- maybe he is a farmer in his day job. maybe he is just a part time shoot at cop suspect/carjack suspect. he is clearly like a bat out of hell through there, some kind of little arizona settlement, near tenepah, arizona. there has not been another car on the road if five minutes. they thought high was on a highway, the chopper pilot did, but now it is clear he is on a back desert dirt road. they are irrigating here.
12:27 pm
that is how they get the crops in. if he has a destination main can figure it out. the guy who is accused of shooting at police after carjacking this vehicle, he is now just tooling around out in the middle of nowhere. he is traveling south. the signal may go out as he goes further south. he is southbound now, traveling south on this dirt road. we have an internal wire service that tells us what is going on so we can tell you from other people who are monitoring things. this says "car on dirt road." whoever input that in the wire service, thank you for that. it appears to be dateed information, because the car is if longer on dirt road. it is a dodge caliber. it is red. police are or were organizing spike strips. i didn't tell you because we are
12:28 pm
on sirius and xm and the fear was the dude might have sirius exam so i was going to tell you they were going to set up spike strips on the freeway because he might have known it. now he is off the freeway. as far as we know there are no spike strips. there goes the signal. this is if a minute ago when we had the news "car on dirt road." now, car has changed direction and we have live pictures. he was southbound, he took a right, so he is westbound. that makes sense to me. if he was southbound and he took a right he is now westbound. that heads him back to karl and further away from phoenix. the car no longer is on dirt road. look at that. he is still west of tenepah, arizona, with no other cars around him so he is less dangerous. it appears he is traveling at a lower rate of speed. you can tell because the white lines are going by more slowly. at some point, the guy will run
12:29 pm
out of gas. hopefully the chopper will not run out of gas first. right now, we know that the police helicopters are still up above. we know they are not going to let him get out of the their sight. it is 100 percent he can look up and see there is a chopper. now we have a live picture and he has slowed down dramatically. i told you before we were in a commercial break and he did this. there were all kinds of cars around him and it looks like, i thought he was going to get out. time to get out of the vehicle? might it be? no. taking a left, now. car no longer on road. maybe this is home. you never know. maybe he is taking the carjacked victim to the victim's house. now, this scares me. what are you doing out in the middle of nowhere getting out of the car i'm just not sure about
12:30 pm
this he is getting things out of the vehicle, clearly. it doesn't appear there is anyone else with him. you wait for the end of these things and you worry how they may end. there is no one else around him. this makes me a little nervous. i got to tell you. a little nervous. i got to tell you that. we will continue to watch what he is doing. he is looking erratic. i don't know. look at this. he is just running. oh, my, well, it looks hike he is disoriented or something. it is always possible the guy could be on something.
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12:35 pm
seconds, like that. we wanted to see in the studio what was happening five seconds before you did so if anything went horribly wrong, we would be able to cut away from it without subjecting you to it. and we really messed up. we're all very sorry. that didn't belong on tv. we took every precaution we knew how to take to keep that from being on tv i personally apologize to you that happened. sometimes we see a lost things we don't let get to you because it is not time appropriate, it is ininsensitive, it is just wrong. that was wrong. that won't happen again on my watch. i'm sorry. we will update you on what happened with that guy and how that went down tonight on the follow report. i'm sorry. >> now the attack on the consulate in benghazi which killed four americans including our ambassador to libya.
12:36 pm
a growing number of lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle now say they need more answers. remember fox news has learned that the u.s. intense officials has internally classified the incident as a terrorist attack in the first 24 hours. even though in the days following, the white house still publicly linked the attack to protests parted by antiislamic video that was viral. we have been working to get the facts. catherine is on those and like in washington, dc. we are getting a closer look at the security situation at the consulate. >>reporter: a firm regional security officer with the state department who has worked in the middle seat tells fox the consulate in benghazi had to be classified or assessed as a "critical threat terrorism or civil unrest posting." what follows from that classification are basic standards laid out by the state department including reinforced whens and doors that can withstand an assault up to an hour. you do not see that here.
12:37 pm
this golden hour is designed to give the ambassador and his security to burn classified documents and to call in the military for an emergency evacuation. the state department standards also dictate the specific width of the metal and rebar and depth of the cement used for the door frame and window. the exterior walls must be at least three meters in height and the buildings in the compound must be set back 100' from the walls. these publics show those standards were simply not met in benghazi. we asked the state department for the classification of the consulate, whether it met those security standards. if they didn't, were waivers signed by the state department in this case. >>shepard: did democrats appear to be satisfied with the explanation they are getting from the white house? >>reporter: the senate foreign relations committee sent a bipartisan letter to the deputy secretary of state requesting more information on the security
12:38 pm
posture in benghazi. what the state department was doing to mitigate the threat, as well. and how much the libyan governments and the us knew about the terrorist situation. >> all members of the foreign phone, democrats and republicans, are asking the administration for answers. this now is something that certainly could never be colored as "partisan." these are concerns of senators and house members what want to know what has happened. >>reporter: this bipartisan letter does not make any reference to the youtube video as inspiring that attack. >>shepard: thank you. >> the republican presidential nominee, mitt romney, today, in the crucial swing state of pennsylvania, his first visit there in two months. keep in mind the president won pennsylvania easily in 2008. the economy was different then. today, governor romney attempted to drive home the point that proposed budget cuts will hurt the state. >> someone has calculated how many jobs will be lost in
12:39 pm
pennsylvania if the trillion dollars in cuts go through. it is 39,000 jobs. we cannot afford that. we recognize the consequence of what the president is doing is severe for the people in pennsylvania, severe for the entire nation and, in fact, because of the world's demand for american leadership, it is severe to the entire world. >>shepard: the governor could have his work cut out for him. the most recent real clear politics average of the national poll shows rebound with an eight-point advantage in that state. carl cameron is in boston. governor romney continued on the attack on foreign policy today. >>carl: he was at the university which was a strong back drop for it and had a conversation with israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu seconds after the president. as he addressed that group, governor romney went after the president for his dismissive assertion that so much of what has happened in the middle east and north africa amounts to in
12:40 pm
the president's words "bumps on the road." watch. >> i don't consider 20,000 or 30,000 people dying if syria a bump in the road or a muslim brotherhood president in egypt a bump in the road. i don't car the killing our diplomats in libya a bump in the road and i don't consider iran becoming nuclear a bump in the road. we someone to recognize the seriousness of what is ahead and who is willing to lead. >>carl: he is using foreign policy in international affairs as a two pronged criticism, including lack of leadership, and, also, suggesting the fiscal cliff and deep cuts that will happen or be averted by the president and congress before the first of the year will amount they further damage to the economy, domestic and international. >>shepard: a lot of debate preparation coming up for the campaign. >>carl: expectation is rampant. both campaigns have put out
12:41 pm
memos suggesting expectations are too high for themselves and they are up against insurmountable odds. the obama campaign respondents out that challengers tended it do well in the first debate because it is their first time to stand shoulder to shoulder with the president and have a one to won -- one comparison. and governor romney is saying that president obama devastated john mccain and one poll said john mccain lost by 33 points in that particular debate. both sides are saying opposition is superior. romney understands this is a big deal. the entire month of october will be dedicated to debates. it could be the most important time of the whole campaign and imaren't voters with what could be the biggest area of information. >>shepard: we will look at the latest polls. this are a lot of them out now. more on how the campaigns are trying to tone down expectations
12:42 pm
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>>shepard: pennsylvania is a swing state and governor romney has an upwhile battle. according to the latest "wall street journal" and nbc poll, president obama has a seven point lead in new hampshire. north carolina is neck and neck with a two-point lead inside the margin of error. same goes for the state of nevada where the president has but a two-point lead. again, that is inside the margin of error. with us now is political reporter for real clear politics partisans can try to spin the polls but we use the same polls every time and the same methods. our polls say the same thing as everyone else.
12:46 pm
it is an uphill battle for mitt romney. no one is saying he can't win the thing. he has his work cut out. >> some of the polls do have higher samples of democrats. we hear the romney campaign --. >>shepard: our pollsters have said our poll is straight up and it is what it is. >>guest: you are right. that is why we are seeing both candidates, both the president and mitt romney, will be down a lot. we saw mitt romney in pennsylvania but we likely will not see him again until wednesday. the same thing with the president. he will campaign in nevada on fund. both candidates are pulling up and doing a lot of debate prep because they know it is very high stakes for them. >>shepard: you can sense they have turned up the heat. i was listening to the sound bite that carl cameron read in the last block. a lot of republicans have been saying, go harder, go harder, go
12:47 pm
harder, mitt romney. he was going harder right there. you heard what he was saying about the president. the president things the killing of the diplomat is a "been in -- "bump in the road." it is a turning up of the volume. >>guest: that is ironic. in the last week there has been a bit of a reversal in what voters thing of mitt romney on terrorism versus the president. for a long-term it was the president's number one extent. the polls have reversed. on the same point, the polls have shown a little bit of an increase for the president on tax policy. he now is heeding mitt -- leadig mitt romney on that. we are seeing a role reversal. >>shepard: it is no way you can say this race is wrapped up. this race is not wrapped up. i don't think either side has any belief this is wrapped up. do people know how fast the news cycles go? >>guest: they do. the president's campaign
12:48 pm
advisors in ohio are saying that despite some of the polls are showing them up ten points, they are running like they are down ten points. they are not about to rest even if they see a pulling back from the romney campaign in he. that state is looking harder from mitt romney than the other states. the romney campaign can go harder in florida because that is the big one, the big rise. >>shepard: no doubt about it. thank you from capitol hill. the current federal rules to protect children online were written before facebook, before youtube, before the smart phones. now the rules are about to change. had a break is when i was on maternity leave. i have retired from doing this one thing that i loved. now, i'm going to be able to have the time to explore something different. it's like another chapter.
12:49 pm
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
>>shepard: the feds are launching the biggest effort in a decade to protect children online because of web sites that store information on kids.
12:52 pm
under the new proposals from the federal trade commission, websites have to get parental consent before allowing kids under the age of 13 to submit photos of themselves online. with us now is cyber crime and technology analyst. how do you feel about this? >>guest: as a father with children and being involved in this, the laws are always behind the technology. my biggest concern is, some of this is about the advertising but i have a bigger concern about the implications of pedophiles and sexual offenders and gangs targeting younger children because you are giving them so much information online. >>shepard: i agree. i have never quite understood, and i am not a parent but i have never understood why it is that parent would thing it is cool for their kids to be posting all kinds of stuff online. it is none of my business what they do. i wonder where the line is in is this a slippery slope?
12:53 pm
freedom on the internet is something that is cherished. protecting the kids is an absolute. it is tough. >>guest: as someone who was in law enforcement for 18 years, i did behavior analysis, and profiling, it matters to me as a father and as a citizen. it is ironic we have this discussion because i am here in san diego at the international association of chief of police annual conference and i have seen a proliferation of courts and training now addressing social media, privacy on the internet, the impact on children, on families, what people should and should not be doing it is a huge issue. i don't know so much if it is a slippery slope but parents have to understand and be aware of the impact of when you have young children with election-based tracking on their posting of pictures and the impact it has on children. >>shepard: in this case there is no doubt, and you have
12:54 pm
children who do not have all their mental faculties. you have to be 21 to drink now, so, what about 21? no one on this end of the set is saying this is a bad idea, protecting the children, far from it. i wonder, though, where it is going to end in maybe it ends here. >>guest: this is usually laws and regulations are the result of an event, and you overreact, and then it goes the other way with the law. this is a matter of people being comfortable with the technology. but the law always trails the technology by 10 years. we are about at the ten-year mark. it is catching up. my fear is when you look at things like virginia technical, or missing children, where these things do become valuable, the ability to track a phone of a missing child or a missing or abused spouse, there are benefits to this. we are going to have a difficult time weighing privacy versus
12:55 pm
security and the need to know versus the right to know. >>shepard: and then there is that "liberty" word which you give up in exchange for security, i don't know where that line is. >>guest: this shedded for -- is headed if the supreme court some day, i am sure. >>shepard: another embassy is warning american citizens of a credible security threat. details on that ahead on the way to neil cavuto. that is next. and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far.
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americas they are facing a security threat. in an emergency message the embassy alerted u.s. citizens that what it called "reliable security forces" had detected a credible threat in a suburb of ma fill -- manila suburb.
12:59 pm
there is a veterans affair office and the embassy did not reveal the source of threat but warned americans to stay vigilant the next two weeks. that's it for "studio b" on a friday afternoon. the dow is down today. we are off 50 points. con text and perspective from neil cavuto. for all of us on "studio b". hope to see you monday. >>shepard: good have a good weekend. >>neil: a good september for stocks and a better quarter on stocks have some thinking that president obama is a "bye." if market pundits are right, mitt romney shut be scare the because a reliable barometer just turned bad for him. stocks closing out the trading month up and the latest quarter
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